Ingram Cleaners is partnered up with CRDN (Certified Restoration Dry-cleaning Network) to provide their customers with quick reliable service. They have 24/7 on-call with immediate response, inventory tracking, secure storage, and many other services.

Step one

You may want to start cleaning your house after a fire, but if you don’t get professional advice you might be wasting your efforts and could create more damage to be fixed. Also the fire department might not allow you to move things in the house until they finish their investigation of what started the fire. Once you begin cleaning and working on your house make sure you have proper ventilation because toxic chemicals may have been produced from the burning of materials, glues and other household ideas.


It is more thank just cleaning process. They will do their best to remove any smoke odor and water stains. They will do their best to get your life back to normal as quick as possible.


For more information:
Visit CRDN
Treadway: (325) 437-3333
Buffalo Gap: (325) 698-0190